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Common Abrasive Applications:

Foundry & Steel Mfg

Oil and Automotive Industry

photo by GE

photo by Christopher Muncy

Dressing Grinding Wheels

Jointing Stones for High Speed Steel

Power Plant Maintenance

Rubbing Bricks for Concrete

Aviation Industry

Sticks and Stones' Made in the USA abrasive line includes: Specific application abrasives, sharpening stones, abrasive files, slip stones, jointer stones, pattern stones, dressing sticks, "India" oil stones, tool room & die finishing stones, burr breakers, honing stones and honing equipment, rubbing bricks, polishing & finishing stones, boat stones, rubber abrasive sticks, cotton fiber abrasive sticks, natural Arkansas sharpening stones, abrasive mounted points, and much more. 

Restaurant and Knife Industries

Polishing Stones for Mold & Die Work

photo by Chris Fanning

Sticks and Stones is the premier made in USA abrasive manufacture.  We specialize in custom abrasive solutions for all applications.  
Established in 1973 we have the experience matched with the right abrasive to fit every application.  Thanks for checking out Sticks & Stones Abrasives.

Made in the USA Abrasive Stone Solutions

Ball Valve Honing Stones

Wood Trim and Moulding Stones

Blanchard Type Burr Breakers